No evil lasts a hundred years.

On the current pandemic, saturation affects the general population and front-line health care providers. There is a fed-up among people about SARS-CoV-2 and its many circumstances: political, economic, media, and health. All we need is breath!

The death of Don Quixote, by Gustave Doré (1832–1883). Image:

‘Señores’ ―said Don Quixote― no so fast because in the nests of yesteryear there are no birds this year.

Don Quixote (Chap. LXXIV)

A man with “fake news” rushing to the printing press. Extract of “The fin de siècle newspaper proprietor”. Wikimedia Commons

The writing process is not always a creative art.

I want to vindicate a forgotten and excellent writer: Heinrich von Kleist.

Heinrich von Kleist, by Peter Friedel, 1801. Image: Bildindex

Mutations are like identity cards of many viruses.

Viruses do not mutate because they want to do it.

It is a random phenomenon of nature.

The coronavirus pandemic is added to the list of viruses that cause fatigue.

All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its way.

The current pandemic is interesting in many aspects. For example, let put focus on the close relationship among different biological worlds. In concrete, on three life forms: microbes, animals, and humans.

Vivien Leigh as Anna Karenina in ‘Anna Karenina’ (1948). Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Here is the curious story of a humble rural surgeon and a cosmopolitan courtesan doctor.

According to Oscar Wilde, reality imitates art. But life’s drama is the greatest of fiction.

A remote intellectual thread ─a medical book─ linked his author with a certain Dr. Lopus. He was a physician, spy, and suspect of high treason against England.

Doctor Lopus inspired William Shakespeare to build one…

Viruses, like birds, come and go.

“Dark swallows will return
To hang their nest upon your balcony…”. (G.A. Bécquer).

The barn shallow (Hirundo rustica, 1894), by Richard B. Sharpe (1847–1909). Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Agustín Muñoz-Sanz

Medical Doctor (Infectious Diseases specialist/Professor of Medicine) and writer (narrative, theater).

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