The New World before Christopher Columbus. A little walk for history

If the reader closes his eyes -please try-, perhaps he could imagine a historical scene.
Gerard Depardieu as Christopher Columbus. Photo: 1492: The Conquest of Paradise

Act 1, scene 1

West Indies. Photo: Northern Illinois University.

The New World is not so new

Why remember the school days now?

Novae Insulae XXVI, Nova Tabula, Novus Orbis, 1545. Sebastian Münster (1488–1552). Photo:

What was Indians’ geographical origin?

José de Acosta (1539–1600 ). Pdoto: WikiMediaCommons.

It is true that the first Indians arrived in one of three ways in the land of Piru”.

The origin of the first Native Americans remains one of the holy grails of Archaeology,

Photo: SPCNI

What about genetic studies?

Photo: Page Museun/Travis S.

Homo viator, agriculture, hierarchy, and the gods: The first societies

Looking for better places: home sweet home

Guaraúnos or Waraos Indians of the Orinoco River (Venezuela). Engraving by H. Tiriat, 1894. Image courtesy of

The grandparents of Moctezuma and Atahualpa

Whoever does not contribute to the tribe growth is not worthing for the appreciation of the community.

The outlook at the arrival of Columbus

A detail from “The great mural the city of Tenochtitlan” (1945–1952), by Diego Rivera. Mexico City, National Palace

The Discovery that it was an Encounter

How many people inhabited the New World before the Encounter?

But the Indians were equal to the invading foreigners (the Others) in terms of mutual ignorance. Both ignored the Other. Ignorance has no borders.

Act 2, Scene 1

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