Quo Vadis, Corona?

No evil lasts a hundred years.

On the current pandemic, saturation affects the general population and front-line health care providers. There is a fed-up among people about SARS-CoV-2 and its many circumstances: political, economic, media, and health. All we need is breath!

The seer Michel de Nôtre-Dame, aka Nostradamus (1503–1566). Credit: Telemundo

1. Where the hell is the virus’s origin?

2. How many virions are?

3. Is it a variation like a mutation?

Calm down, then: “The Zoonotic Crown” series is still not finished. If the fantastic current episode were to end this year, it would be one more from a never-ending series. It will continue.

4. What about “my” vaccine?

A question: Which vaccine should I receive? Whichever one health authorities I get and when I get it, without skipping a turn.

5. Prescribe or cure?

Final recommendations.

After all, a pandemic is a microbial earthquake with global effects.

Medical Doctor (Infectious Diseases specialist/Professor of Medicine) and writer (narrative, theater).

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