Hi, Shin. Excellent collaboration, as always.

I am sending you the link to an article of mine (in Spanish) published in my region's local press, in which I wrote about the same thing on September 15, 2020 (https://www.hoy.es/extremadura/disparo-oscuridad-20200915000830-ntvo.htmln)

This my translation of the most critical paragraph:

"The technique's performers inform the attending physicians based on a figure 'advised' by the multinational owning the platform. It discriminates between positives and negatives. It is called the detection threshold or cut-off point. This threshold is measured in cycles (Ct, which stands for Cycles threshold). In many parts of the world, a Ct below 40 has been considered positive: a Ct of 15 is very positive; a Ct of 42 is negative. Studies in various places question this Ct and warn of the desirability of lowering the figure. It is crucial to distinguish a 'possibly viable' (infective) virus from inert genetic material. For example, if the Ct were reduced from 40 to 35 or 30, the number of positives would drop by 50%-90%. A barbaric figure. The issue is fundamental. "


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