Hi Marcus.

I understand it better now. You refer to molecules used to prevent the virus from entering the cell. And not only through the ACE2 receptor. Some other co-receptors and molecules also take part.

As far as I know, there are mini-proteins (molecules of about 50-60 amino acids) that bind to the spike (protein S). They prevent the virus from adhering to the ACE2 receptor. Other models mimic the receptor: when the virus binds to them, they move it away from the host cell. Also, it seems that some molecules block other co-receptors (TMPRSS2) or furin. Both are essential in the entry process.

I ignore whether mRNA vaccines block receptors. They do not seem to trigger an autoimmune response. Yet, in vaccine-associated clots pathogenesis, there may be something related to autoimmunity.

Here you are the European Medicines Agency (EMA) report: https://www.ema.europa.eu/en/documents/prac-recommendation/signal-assessment-report-embolic-thrombotic-events-smq-covid-19-vaccine-chadox1-s-recombinant-covid_en.pdf.

MATHS: I admire and appreciate the work of mathematicians. And also enjoy their models in this and other pandemics/epidemics. Although I am ignorant, I love them. They bring a lot to the table. I have read your excellent and complex (to me) article. Congratulations.

MARCUS AURELIUS: As for the philosopher Marcus Aurelius, I can send you some information if you provide me with an email. I can assure you that I know him well. And his "Meditations." I have several editions in Spanish and English. If you decide to read the book, I recommend the edition of A.S.L. Farquharson (a classic) published by Oxford.

Look at this Shin’s article (from five minutes ago): https://medium.com/microbial-instincts/platelet-disorders-and-genetic-vaccines-might-have-a-biological-link-but-its-negligible-2da695521d66.



Medical Doctor (Infectious Diseases specialist/Professor of Medicine) and writer (narrative, theater).

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Agustín Muñoz-Sanz

Medical Doctor (Infectious Diseases specialist/Professor of Medicine) and writer (narrative, theater).