No evil lasts a hundred years.

On the current pandemic, saturation affects the general population and front-line health care providers. There is a fed-up among people about SARS-CoV-2 and its many circumstances: political, economic, media, and health. All we need is breath!

It is not prudent playing to be Nostradamus or pretending to guess the future as a vulgar XXI Century’s seer. SARS CoV-2 has demonstrated an unquestionable capacity to surprise. From its natural origin to the ways of contagion.

About the tragedy of the elderly besieged by the coronavirus.

The death of Don Quixote, by Gustave Doré (1832–1883). Image:

‘Señores’ ―said Don Quixote― no so fast because in the nests of yesteryear there are no birds this year.

Don Quixote (Chap. LXXIV)

Dear all: While you are at home self-protecting from the crowned virus (Are you?), I died. I am going to try explaining it. It does not matter my name, age, gender, marital status, beliefs, ideology, and profession. Let us see.

I am a grandfather, an older adult, a seasoned veteran in the existence’s war. …

A man with “fake news” rushing to the printing press. Extract of “The fin de siècle newspaper proprietor”. Wikimedia Commons

In the history of medicine, some issues caused great controversy when they surged. It usually occurs in science in general. Time is a great sculptor of life’s avatars. It usually resolves the conflicts, but, occasionally, some disputes are perennial. An excellent example of a non-resolved argument is Syphilis’s geographical origin. In synthesis: there are two great groups of opinions, with a third more undefined and diverse.

We will focus our brief analysis on two antagonistic positions because of a question of limited space. …

The writing process is not always a creative art.

I want to vindicate a forgotten and excellent writer: Heinrich von Kleist.

Heinrich von Kleist, by Peter Friedel, 1801. Image: Bildindex

Literature, like life, is unjust and cruel on many occasions. When I speak of literature, I am referring to the creative art of oral or written expression. I compare literature to life because, according to John, the evangelist, the origin of everything, or the beginning of all things, was the Verb (John 1: 1–3). That is to say, the word (Of course, it is a simplification of the biblical meaning’s analysis).

Once upon a time, when human beings’ communication began, literature surged through the spoken word, not throughout…

Mutations are like identity cards of many viruses.

Viruses do not mutate because they want to do it.

It is a random phenomenon of nature.

Life’s avatars live in a combination fortuitous of four letters. They are Adenine (A), Guanine (G), Cytosine ©, Thymine (T) in the DNA, and A, G, C, and Uracil (U) in the RNA. In the DNA, there is T and U in the RNA.

A virus is, as someone said, an enigma enclosed in a layer of lipids. There are thousands of species of viruses, some formed by DNA and others by RNA. …

But, if you look at the Moon, do not forget from where the finger points.

The finger and the Moon. Credit: Xaverian Missionaries in Sierra Leone Web.

The problems of the poor people also affect the rich. Economies, countries, persons are three legs of a single bench. But what is being poor? Who is an economically poor person?

Let go to define it. It is a personal definition, of course. Nor academic, neither linguistic.

─A poor’s definition according to the economy: It is a person with no money nor goods.

─A poor’s definition according to social justice: It is a person without rights.

─A poor’s definition according to both disciplines: It is an injustice and immorality. It is a human and social tragedy.

Why write now about these things if I am still not vaccinated.

Coronavirus pandemic is an…

Hello, EJY.

Congratulations on your excellent work.

I want to say some things about your piece with respect and friendliness.

Would it have been better to put the title Haskell County Flu, Camp Funston Flu, Kansas Flu, or American Flu? As you know very well, at that time (first quarter of 1918) in Europe, let alone Spain, there was no "pandemic" flu (there is always flu everywhere). It would be a more appropriate title, but it would not have been accurate.

Giving geographical labels to diseases is not very advisable And unfair, and most of the time, false. …

A move between concern and interest.

The current pandemic coronavirus exhibits the evolutionary drive to mutate. It has it embedded in its long genome of almost 30,000 letters. The dice of chance triggered it. For this reason (mutations), it occupies scientific attention and hogs all the media spotlights.

The proliferation of mutant viruses is a veritable jigsaw puzzle. There are several names and classifications. The WHO, concerned about the problem, is working on naming each of the viral variants. With an appropriate name. It advocates consensus to avoid geographic naming. Stigma. Apart from providing greater scientific rigor.

There are notable historical examples of incorrect geographical allusions…

Elegy for a passion.

Ernest Hemingway, 1939. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Sisters and brothers in Christ:

Writing is difficult. Writing well is very difficult. Writing very well is a quality of the literary gods.

For a non-English speaker, writing in English is very difficult. Writing well in English is tremendously difficult. Writing very well in English is impossible.

It is for a non-English speaker .

(Repeat three more times).

So, the highest we non-English speakers can aspire to is to write well. And what is more, in the best of the scenarios, with the knowledge that we will only be able to write — doing it with an enormous effort.


Investigators are looking for a universal coronavirus vaccine.

In Greek mythology, Panacea is a minor goddess of health. She was Asclepius’ daughter (the Roman Aesculapius) and Epione (God Helios’s daughter). And the sister of Hygeia, the goddess of health, cleanliness, and hygiene. An illustrious medical family.

“Panacea helping the sick”, by J. Gazola (1716). Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Panacea is a Greek voice (Πανάκεια/panákeia, in Latin panacēa). It means the capacity to cure various diseases — a remedy for any ailment. Ancient alchemists and healers sought to cure all diseases. They were looking for a therapeutic panacea.

In the preventive field, this attitude also inspires many of today’s researchers. Investigators look for a universal vaccine against many species of microbes…

Agustín Muñoz-Sanz

Medical Doctor (Infectious Diseases specialist/Professor of Medicine) and writer (narrative, theater).

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